Writers: Blessed Are the Flexible For They Shall Not Break

Yesterday, Aaron and I spent a long time brainstorming our next book. During discussions we brought up one of our big player characters in book one of Brother Dust (available soon). I happened to write a short story regarding this character’s origins. Weighing in at just 2,500 words, it was on the short side of a short story.

As we talked it over, Aaron asked me if I was sure that it wasn’t simply a flashback chapter for book two. My inner man cried out “No!” But the logical part of me realized this was our best bet.

You see, my plan was to extend the short story a little bit and deepen it (thus making it closer to the 5-8k wordcount I wanted it to be). This suggestion put a quick end to my vision.

In this example, my writing partner had the idea. He was right. I had to be flexible. 

For you, it might be an editor or publisher. It might be a test reader. It is vital that we put aside our huge writer egos and allow the voices in our lives to speak truth without offending us. Do what is best for your story – even if that means rewriting or throwing out something you’d already written.

Thankfully, this time, it just meant changing the use of the story. Being flexible. 

No matter who you are, someone will have an idea that’ll make your story better. Remember;  Blessed are the flexible for they shall not break.

A wave is coming. If it hits you and you’re stubborn it’ll break you in two. If you remain flexible you’ll bend but not break. It may take effort but you can spring back into shape.


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