Invincible: The End of an Era

Today, I have to use my time wisely. And luckily, a gift given to me by Aaron Hall, allows me to do just that. This one of a kind Invincible Record Clock was ordered and presented to me as a congratulatory gift for completing a milestone in our Brother Dust walk.

It is very significant to me for so many reasons. The brotherhood of friendship is a vital point of life and Aaron showed me how much he cares by taking the time to have this made. But it is also significant because the comic book Invincible has been a major part of my life for years. Many of you might recall, Brother Dust started as a comic book. (To see original art click here. )

Ryan Ottley and Robert Kirkman are game changers in the world of comics. Most of you would know Robert by his work writing the wildly popular The Walking Dead. But, for me, there’ll never be anything that compares to Invincible.

Sadly, this past week the dynamic duo announced that Invincible will come to an end 13 years after it first hit the shelves and began its course changing the comic book industry and changing the lives of thousands upon thousands of readers, including your’s truly.

In a world dominated by DC and Marvel, Invincible made its mark on the superhero universe in a way no creator owned comic ever had before, and may never again.

It is a story of a young man, whose father is the world’s most known superhero. Mark discovers his own powers and goes on to meet others who share in superheroic adventures. It culminates with a slightly less young man who has a wife and child. The comic literally grew up with us and I could not be more proud to be a fan.

Robert and Ryan wanted to end this amazing 144 issue run on a high note. Realizing that it was coming to a natural conclusion, they did something that most other creators fail to do: let it end. Most die hard fans, :::raises hand::: are super sad to see it go but incredible excited to know that it’s creators, Skybound, and it’s publisher, Image Comics, are willing to give up easy money for the chance to gracefully end a series.

Robert can be quoted saying:

“The point of this series has always been to celebrate what we love about superhero comics, but always put our own spin on it. To play with the tropes of the genre, but twist them into something new, at all times, no matter what.”

“So then, it stands to reason, that if most superhero comics continue forever with no end in sight and over their runs do not, in any way, tell a cohesive story that holds together to form a singular narrative… shouldn’t Invincible do the exact opposite?”

Thank you Robert Kirkman. Thank you Ryan Ottley.

Have you read Invincible?  Share you thoughts below


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