Writing Advice: Try Something New

Today I decided to write a short story. A bit for practice and a bit for fun. As I got to about the 1500 word mark I realized I had no idea where this story was going. Emotions!!

That’s the worst, isn’t it?  I don’t outline, especially not short stories. So, when I discovered that my thought process had only taken me so far I had to make a choice. My choice was to call my brainstorm buddy Aaron.

We decided I should take the story in a direction I’ve never written before: horror. Just the word makes me upset. I don’t like horror flicks and I don’t read horror books. Although this stays within the confines of science fiction there’s a strong element of horror and suspense. I am so out of my comfort zone I can’t even express it in words.

It got me wondering how these great writers like Stephen King can fill up such large novels with horror and suspense!?  I’m now about 4,000 words in and I am at a complete loss. However, challenge accepted. The only thing that can happen after all is said and done? I become a better writer for it.

You honestly never know what genre will seep into your story. It’s a good thing to be familiar with everything. Science Fiction/Fantasy, romance, horror, drama, it all feeds the beast, so to speak.

Today, I challenge you. Write something that you are totally uncomfortable writing. When you’re done, post a link below in the comments. We would all love to see what you’ve written!


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