We Want To Know You

This blog post is made especially for our closest friends… you! Please comment below to tell us about yourself. We want to know your favorite author, book, movie, food, color– EVERYTHING!


4 thoughts on “We Want To Know You

  1. I am Phillip AKA Plasko Hernandez Cordova IV – Favorite Author: A.C. Hall – Favorite Book: Too many to honestly pick.. Starship Troopers (Heinlein), Every book written by A.C. Hall, Battlefield Earth (Hubbard) — Food: Chicken Fried Chicken — Color: Blue — Music: I like everything but partial to power metal and Bob Seger (weird I know) — Hobby: Creating board and card games, creating and writing fiction — Favorite thing about your site… the rad blogs.


  2. I’m Johanna. My favorite author is JK Rowling because I’ve read the Harry Potter books a gazillion times. I could watch You’ve Got Mail over and over because I’m a sap. I love bread, and my favorite color is yellow according to my children. I’m excited to read your new stuff!


    1. Johanna, you’re in great company! I (Steve) have read the Harry Potter series too many times to count. JK Rowling stands near the top of my list, if not at the very top. Can’t wait for you to read our new book either. There’s so much excitement brewing, we are so eager to see how our little baby is received into the world!


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