Write What You Know

Brother Dust’s foundation borders on the superheroics. Why? Because I am a comic book junkie. BD started out as a comic. I wanted to marry two loves of my life; science fiction and superheroes. I think it worked.

The problem with writing is that when you write outside of your element, you are inviting the educated to criticize your work on a level that you might be uncomfortable with.

Let’s use an example from one of our favorite worst directors of all time: J. J.  Abrams.  Now, don’t misunderstand me, I love me some J.J.. I especially love Lost. But let’s talk about a giant failure: Armegeddon.

The story goes a bit like this: there is a giant, massive, gargantuan, ginormous, humongous, (get the point?) asteroid heading straight for earth. After a heart melting song by Aerosmith the movie commenses and we figure out that the only way to stop it destroying the earth is the blow it the heck up. So, they use a missile that, unfortunately, is way too small to actually do any good in decimating that asteroid.

(Real life studies performed by the Department of Astronomy and Physics at the University of Leicester can be found Here. )

Abrams is known for taking huge liberties. It hasn’t seemed to have affected his bank account but it sure frustrates the mess out of us!

Write what you know. If you don’t know it, study, research.

If you are writing a police drama, do some ride alongs and learn police protocol. If you are writing about space, spend some weeks navigating the NASA website. If you’re writing fantasy, know the difference between a bastard sword and a scimitar.

And for the love of everything holy; don’t try to tell me that a man can survive a jump into a blackhole (I am looking at you Interstellar).

Got any worst science moments in movies to share?  Comment below!


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