Shorten it up


As you’ve probably noticed by reading my blog posts I’m a wordy person when writing. In person, I’m usually the one listening instead of talking, but in front of the keyboard you can hardly shut me up. Because of my tendency to write long, I’ve always been a huge fan of short stories as they present a great challenge for me. I feel like writing short stories makes you a better writer even if your main focus is novels. Trying to pack beginning/middle/end and character development into a short story isn’t always easy, but if you can learn to do that I really believe it improves your overall storytelling abilities for all mediums and genres.

My love of short stories is why I’m so excited that Steve and I just made our first ever submission to a short story anthology. We’ve spent the entirety of our creative partnership focused on Brother Dust: The Resurgence, so it felt great to collaborate on a (mostly) non-Brother Dust related short story, edit it, and send it out into the world for possible publication. The story is a first-person science fiction horror story that somehow has a light, humorous tone. Not sure how it became such a thing, but hey, that’s the joy of creating.

Hopefully, we’ll have good news to report on the short story’s fate in the coming month as the editors at the anthology consider it. We’re also moving forward on some other short format fiction that we’ll be posting here at our website, so there’s soon going to be plenty of Hall and Beaulieu stories around here for all of you to read. I for one can’t wait.


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