Steve’s Tattoos (and their meanings)

If there’s one question I am asked more than any it is: “What are your tattoos?” The second question is: “What do they mean?” Well, since they were all designed with a purpose, I will gladly share the purpose. More than anything, the goal was to strike up a conversation about my Lord Jesus. If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!


This was my first. It represents my relationship with God. I chose to be sure that it honored Jesus and started conversation: the cross represents Christ’s death upon it. The open circle is His burial, the stone in front of the tomb. The open circle with the closed circle behind it represents His resurrection. He is alive! The stone is rolled away and the empty tomb is all that is left. The arrow pointed upward represents His ascension to heaven where He now sits at the right hand of our Father praying constantly on our behalf. Praise Jesus!!!


This was my second piece and it represents the next most important relationship in my life. My beautiful and amazing wife, Robyn. Without her I would only be a fraction of the man that I am. The robin, of course, is a representation of her; her namesake.

It carries a threefold chord which Ephesians says is “hard to break”. Christ has
always been the third strand in the rope that holds our marriage together. With Him, it is so much easier to maintain a healthy relationship. He paid the ultimate price for us and forgave us when we were the ones who took His life. How much easier should it be for us to walk in forgiveness with our spouses?
Trailing behind is a lantern. Taken from Psalm 119, it represents the relationship we have with the Word of God. It truly guides every step we take as a couple. It is the lamp unto our feet and the light that lights our pathway.

Additionally, the green color just displays my love for all things comics, the green lantern.


This was my third piece truth be told I wanted it to be the fourth piece but due to placement and overall design of the arm we needed it to be done 3rd.

This represents my relationship with the church. The body of Christ. Each of you reading this. The stained glass window has always been a staple in churches world wide. It reflects the beauty of the creator whom we worship in such edifices.

Additionally, 1 Corinthians 6:9 says that our bodies are temples. I wanted mine to have a window.


I intended this to be the third but it ended up being the fourth13320506_10205266899547109_4194124717525792807_o.jpg piece due to arm placement.

This one represents my relationship with my son. He is amazing and he is the joy of my life. Nothing compares to seeing him each day and watching him grow into the mighty man of God that I know he will be.

The design is taken from his namesake Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. There were many reasons for naming him Oliver. From Oliver Twist to the peace that comes from the thought of an Olive Tree. But in the end, he is represented on my arm in comic book fashion. The quiver refers to Psalm 127:4-5 which says:

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.
Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!

The green arrow is for my son Oliver. I have left room to fill the quiver if God permits us more children.The two silhouetted arrows symbolize my nephews Caleb and Silas Beaulieu.

The roses are another nod to my wife who worked as an incredibly talented floral designer at Wellington Florist in Florida for the better part of a decade.

13450707_10205375530342811_3681351697611927590_n.jpgTHE BURNING VOICE OF THE FATHER
This was my fifth piece. It represents my relationship to ministry. In Exodus 3 Moses encounters a bush that burns but is not consumed. From within the bush comes the voice of God calling Moses into ministry.

To me, this story means so much. For my tattoo I wanted to convey several things. Starting with the trunk, it is three pieces intertwined into one. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit call each one of us to ministry and work together in unity to see us successful. One God. Three persons.

I wanted the leaves to still be green because a successful ministry produces and maintains life.

The fire, red hot, represents so many things. Fire can do two things: it can consume, which It didn’t, or it can fuel passion. Ministry can be hot and demanding. If handled wrongly the fires will consume you. When handled properly, God fuels the fire and it burns bright causing all who are around to be affected.

My artist, Austin Bunker, decided that the outline of the fire would be red. In modern bibles, the words of Jesus are in red. To Moses the fires spoke and the words of God compelled him into ministry.


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