Are You a Writer? Or a Wanna-Be?

635934148383695904190770395_writrrr.jpgWhat makes a cashier at a grocery store a cashier? The fact that she runs a cash register! What makes an orange tree an orange tree? If an orange tree quit producing oranges would it still be an orange tree? Sure it would! It just wouldn’t be a very good one. You wouldn’t know based off of the fruit it was producing.

So often we sell ourselves short as writers because we haven’t landed the deal or published a book independantly—or a variety of other reasons. Did you know that a cashier’s title isn’t based on how well she performs the job? (The amount of time she continues to call that her job might be though!) You aren’t a writer because you are particularly good at it. You are a writer because you write.

I have a good friend who is a bass player. He was sitting around the table with me and a bunch of seasoned musicians and he made the statement “If I were a musician…” We all laughed. But when I asked him what he meant, he responded, “I’m not as good as you guys.” The problem with that thinking is that there’s always a better musician. Always a better cashier. Always a better writer. If we grade ourselves based on others we will always fall short.

The truth is this: You are a writer because you write. The first step to overcoming addiction is first admitting that you are an addict. In the same manner, the first step to becoming a successful writer is to first admit that you are a writer. No matter your medium—blog, novel, newspaper, etc.. Don’t sell yourself short because you don’t stack up to the competition. Everyone started somewhere. My favorite book ever written, The Bible (yes, that’s right what I said!) gives some phenominal advice for this instance: Despise not the day of small beginnings.

Don’t hate the early stages of your career. It is shaping you to impact the multitudes of your dreams.


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