Tuesday 10 – Beaulieu

Each week, we will spend ten minutes writing and attempting to complete a flash story. We hope that the exercise will allow us to grow as writers, as well as provide a small amount of entertainment for you. Further, we hope to inspire you to do the same. forest-fire-432870_960_720.jpg


He struggled to remove the fallen building from his arms and face. It had been nearly a decade since they’d face off head to head. Ten years without a fight and very little evil activity had made the villain weak. CruxCosmo hovered above, smug smile upon his perfect face. There was really no reason Phenom wasn’t already dead. Sure, his body was covered with a metal so strong it was nearly unbreakable, but his battle was with the strongest and fastest man alive. It wasn’t fair, really. No one could even hope to compare to CruxCosmo.

Their rivalry started fifteen years ago when Phenom first decided that he would claim the rain forests of South America as his own. Until then, there hadn’t really been a super villain. CruxCosmo policed the whole earth, which for him was easy. He could circumnavigate the globe at the speed of light—six times per second. You could hardly think about committing a crime without him being there to stop it happening. There were days when literally thousands of crooks found themselves tied up moments after they’d exited their vehicles, ski masks covering their faces. The world had no standing armies and police departments were merely ceremonial.

Phenom, a result of an experiment gone…right, found his body covered with a strong alloy that molded to his human form. Almost nothing could penetrate it, but that didn’t stop CruxCosmo. He was reigning down blows upon the villain and it was hard to tell, but small dents had begun to appear in the metal exoskeleton. Fires raged all around them, threatening to permanently scar the Earth’s rain forests. Before movement could even be registered, CruxCosmo had extinguished the fires by flying in tight circles around their locations, thus, removing all oxygen, something fire needed to survive as much as humanity.

CruxCosmo returned to the spot where Phenom lay, covered by the collapsed government facility. He grabbed him around the waist and without a second’s notice, erupted into space. Phenom may have had invincible skin, but just as the fires had been snuffed out by a lack of oxygen, so had the earth’s greatest enemy.


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