Thursday Three – Hall

Every Thursday we face a challenge to tell a story in three minutes. We know not all of them will be winners, but it’s a great opportunity to grow as writers and push the envelope of creativity. We hope you’ll be inspired to do something similar.


Monster Says Goodbye

To whom it may concern,

 I’m sorry, but I’m not going to make it this time.  We had some fun times, did a lot of hauntings, even got a chance to kill a few well known heroes. But everything comes to an end, and as I cower in this dark room I know I am at my end.  I never understood the humans fear of the dark, yet now as I wait in the dark for the blade to fall I start to understand.  It’s not the dark itself, that’s not the frightening thing. It’s what it hides.  He could already be in here with me, watching with that sick smile on his face, knowing I’m trying to get out a few final thoughts.  I’d address them to my mom, but he’s already killed her, of that I am certain.  And so I’m left to wait, a life of blood and terror my only comforts in these final moments.  I’m sorry to my other monsters, I let you down.  There were so many more places we planned to haunt, so many more heroes to hunt.  Can you carry on without me?  I like to think I was important to the clan, that I was something special.  One special monster in a pack of ten thousand.  But


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