Thursday Three – Beaulieu

Every Thursday we face a challenge to tell a story in three minutes. We know not all of them will be winners, but it’s a great opportunity to grow as writers and push the envelope of creativity. We hope you’ll be inspired to do something similar.

It was a parade of dust and tumbleweeds, the middle of summer and it was high noon. Shouts rang out from scattered voices, men, women and children. The terror played no favorites. The town sheriff stood at the gate, recalling those who were working in the fields. The warning came quickly, but not quickly enough. Jameson stood high on the water tower, rifle in hand, waiting.

“Get inside the gates!” he shouted to anyone who would listen.

Finally, it seemed as if they’d all made it inside safely and it might have been without a moment to spare. Breaking the horizon it came, clamoring and stomping. It let out a great roar that shook the foundations of the wooded shops and houses that made up Red Settlement.

It was then that Jameson spotted her—a girl no more than 6 years old, still outside the gates. The great lizard grew closer and closer and the little girl was losing ground.


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