Thursday Three – Hall

Every Thursday we face a challenge to tell a story in three minutes. We know not all of them will be winners, but it’s a great opportunity to grow as writers and push the envelope of creativity. We hope you’ll be inspired to do something similar.


Mental Capacity

“I’ll do everything I can to make sure he clears out quickly.”

It was meant to reassure the client, but it seemed to have the opposite effect. The man’s bald head turned a different shade of red, one deeper than Melvin thought possible.

“Either he’s out quickly, or you’re out of a job!” the bald man screamed.

Melvin was used to being yelled at. Truthfully, he wouldn’t know what to do if someone actually treated him with respect. The nature of the job meant that he was always dealing with people at the end of their rope. Pressed beyond mental capacity, he’d heard it referred to as once. He liked that phrase.

Walking down the neural pathways of the bald man’s brain, Melvin looked for clues as to where the hijacker was staying. He’d paid for a day and had now been inside for a month. The bald man wanted his brain back, and it was Melvin’s job to get it back for him.

Coming around the corner, Melvin stopped. There wasn’t just one hijacker, there were four. And they all looked just like him.

“What’s going on here?” Melvin asked, reaching for his neural stunner but finding his holster empty.

The four Melvin’s smiled at him. Melvin tried to back away. The only time a neural security agent could run into himself was if… if he was somehow in his own mind. The four Melvin’s spoke in unison.

“Stay calm, Melvin. The good news is you’re not crazy. The bad news? This is no longer your brain.”


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