Thursday Three – Beaulieu

Every Thursday we face a challenge to tell a story in three minutes. We know not all of them will be winners, but it’s a great opportunity to grow as writers and push the envelope of creativity. We hope you’ll be inspired to do something similar.


Anyone who’s ever said “we’re running out of room in America” has never been to Texas. He’d been driving for hours and there was no sign of human life. Just long stretches of roads and the occasional cow. It was the land of beef, wasn’t it? Actually, he was on his second day of driving. He’d left Tyler, Texas early that morning with boxes filled with memories and a backseat and trunk filled with those boxes.

Every time he thought, this has to be New Mexico, he saw another sign with another Texas city name printed on it.

El Paso 27 mi..

All his life he’d heard that El Paso was the arm pit of Texas and now he knew why. He was hot, sticky and uncomfortable. His, 2013 The Killers tour, T-shirt was sticking to his back. They’d gone to that concert together. Last week his wife kicked him out of the house. Today he was driving to start a new life in California.

A tear began to well up in Neil’s eye as he watched an ant crawl across the dashboard of the 1998 Ford Escort. If only she’d remembered.


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