Thursday Three – Hall

Every Thursday we face a challenge to tell a story in three minutes. We know not all of them will be winners, but it’s a great opportunity to grow as writers and push the envelope of creativity. We hope you’ll be inspired to do something similar.


A Disquiet Spirit

“Jenkins, I thought I told you to fix the probe last week.”

Jenkins sighed. He hated being griped at by his boss.

“Which probe?” he asked.

“Seeker 76.”

Sometimes Jenkins didn’t do what he was supposed to. Life in the observatory ring of the space station was boring. After a while, even staring out the viewports down at the beautiful blue earth below got boring. All he did all day was either sleep, barter for homemade drugs, or get griped at over his work on the probes. But, he did remember fixing Seeker 76. That’s something he actually did.

“Seeker 76 is completely operational,” Jenkins said. “Saw to it myself.”

His boss approached and pointed at the screens lining the far wall.

“Then why isn’t it scanning Kepler 452b like its supposed to?”

“Kepler 452b again?” Jenkins asked. “That’s where things went wrong last time.”

He pulled up the code for Seeker 76. Not only was it not obeying the commands to scan Kepler 452b, but the entire section of code that governed its movement was gone. There was no log for the deletion. It was as if the probe had deleted the code itself to avoid going near the planet.

Jenkins told this all to his boss. The man was about to argue when he leaned forward and scanned the screen, staring hard at a far off picture of Kepler 452b.

“There is something upsetting about that planet,” the man said.

Jenkins agreed wholeheartedly.


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