Tuesday Ten – Hall

Each week, we will spend ten minutes writing and attempting to complete a flash story. We hope that the exercise will allow us to grow as writers, as well as provide a small amount of entertainment for you. Further, we hope to inspire you to do the same.


The Endless Waters of Time

Mike didn’t usually talk to girls. It’s not that he didn’t want to, but more that he didn’t have anything to say to them that would make much sense. But he wanted to talk to this particular girl. She was sitting with her legs underneath her, obviously deeply involved in whatever it was she was reading on her ipad. He checked his watch, reorienting himself with the timeline. 2016, which meant most people would be reading Facebook or some other social media platform. But Mike didn’t think that was the case with this girl. Something about the look of her, the way she was sitting, the feeling he got in his chest, something told him she was different.

With nothing to lose and very little time to waste, Mike made a decision. For the first time in a long time, he was going to talk to a girl. As he started towards her he recalled his last relationship. It was a long time ago. To him, four years. To the rest of the world, it would’ve been almost four hundred years. She’d left him all alone in the rain on a cold London night in Victorian era England, her heart turned against him by a wealthy theater owner who promised her a career on the stage. His meager salary as a time travel writer couldn’t compete with that, and besides, he’d overstayed his assignment by several years to be with her. As heartbroken as he was, the end of the relationship saved his job.

But without her, the job wasn’t fulfilling. Having experienced that level of connection, having someone who loved him and thought about him when he wasn’t there, it changed things. Now he was back to being little more than a specter, an almost-ghost traveling through time and writing about different eras so time-vacationers from his timeline would have a better idea of where and when to vacation.

But now here was this girl. He stopped in front of her. Mike had a rule with girls. He wouldn’t lie to them. In every era he’d visited, one thing had remained the same. Men lied to women. For some reason it was just a line he refused to cross, which left him with either the unbelievable truth or awkward silence when they asked him questions.

He cleared his throat to get her attention. She looked up at him and he was hit with piercing blue eyes unlike anything he’d ever seen before. He wasn’t ready for those eyes, and suddenly he was locked up, unable to speak at all.

“Yes?” she asked.

He glanced at her iPAD. She was reading a book, not social media. He smiled, regaining what little confidence he actually had.

“I’m, Mike. I saw you sitting over here and…”

“Save it, Mike, I’m not interested,” she said dramatically, turning away from him and busying herself by digging in her bag.

His heart sank. He immediately pressed a combination of buttons on his watch.

She laughed.

“I’m kidding, Mike. Are you really gonna give up that…”

She stopped speaking as she turned back toward him. Only a faint outline of him remained, and a moment later he had vanished completely, back into the endless waters of time.


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