Tuesday Ten – Beaulieu

Each week, we will spend ten minutes writing and attempting to complete a flash story. We hope that the exercise will allow us to grow as writers, as well as provide a small amount of entertainment for you. Further, we hope to inspire you to do the same. 


A Good Shepherd
The wind blew across the open field, leaves carried on it’s back. The sweet sound of a six stringed instrument created the soundtrack to a lazy day. In the distance, a bah, followed by a dozen more. A lone tree casted shade over a boy, no more than ten years of age. His skillful fingers plucked note after note, a melody escaped his lips with confidence and passion. Out of the abundance of his young heart, his tongue gave life to words and the heavens responded with gladness.

David dreamed of the day he would escape this pasture, but he had disciplined himself to love every moment of his time there. The sheep had become his closest friends and he took the task of caring for them very seriously.

Oh, how marvelous

How wonderful is the work of your hand

How beautiful your craftsmanship

Against the rough bark of the tree, his carefully sculpted staff rested—it was used daily and often. He had been taught at an even younger age, by his father Jesse, that the rod—the staff—it was designed to comfort the sheep, not to beat them. Never to cause harm to those sweet, innocent, creatures but to guide them safely to places of peace where they could rest and enjoy the coolness of the day. It directed them toward greener pastures where they could experience the pleasure and the sweetness of life.

It’s other purpose, he knew, was to protect those young ones. A defense against the harshness of nature even in such a beautiful place of peace. He knew that roaming the outskirts of his little slice of heaven were lions and bears. He’d already encountered those. Had it not been for their corpses, no one would have believed that such a sweet, timid, boy could have killed them with naught but a staff and his God-given hands. But, he had vowed long ago that nothing would separate him from his sheep. He’d been given a task, and he would be faithful to complete it. These were not just mindless beasts—these were his children, his family.


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