Tuesday Ten – Hall

Each week, we will spend ten minutes writing and attempting to complete a flash story. We hope that the exercise will allow us to grow as writers, as well as provide a small amount of entertainment for you. Further, we hope to inspire you to do the same.



Every calculation was complete, and the plan was perfect. With the bitter cold wind whipping across his face, Blitzen was as prepared as he’d ever be. He looked back, locking eyes with Santa. The fat man actually smiled at him. Blitzen sneered. That smile on Santa’s face would be gone in a moment.

Blitzen turned his head to the side and bit into the harness that locked him in place. He’d been weakening it for years, chewing on it anytime Santa wasn’t looking. Last year he’d realized how close it was to breaking, and ever since he’d been formulating this plan. His teeth sunk through the last part of the harness, severing it.

Knowing he had only seconds, Blitzen surged forward through the air, passing his confused reindeer brethren. Several of them looked jealous, wishing they too could be free of their harnesses. Blitzen remained focused on the ever glowing nose of Rudolph. Take out the leader and the rest would fall.

Sensing a commotion behind him, Rudolph turned his head just as Blitzen reached him. Blitzen opened his jaws wide, that glowing red orb suddenly looking oh so delicious. He bit down as hard as he could, his mouth filling with blood as he tried to rip the glowing nose from the face of Rudolph. Screams and wails came from deep within Rudolph as he thrashed about, trying to free himself from the bite. Every movement just allowed Blitzen to sink his teeth deeper, and a moment later he wrenched his head back, tearing the nose off.

Blood spurted into the cold night air as Rudolph went berserk. The other reindeer followed his lead, and soon the sleigh was twisting wildly and plummeting rapidly. With no light to guide it, the ground would be its next destination.

Blitzen spit the glowing nose out as he floated above the out of control sleigh, waiting and watching to see the impact. He took no pleasure in seeing his brothers die, but if that was the price of freedom then he was willing to pay it. The sleigh smashed through a treeline and disappeared from sight.

Floating down slowly, Blitzen was surprised by the amount of gore and wreckage he found. The sleigh was broken into pieces, and thousands of toys littered the ground, all of them now decorated with the blood of the fallen reindeer. Only two things remained alive. Santa, who was wheezing, barely holding on to life, and Dasher, who appeared to have broken all four legs.

Blitzen stalked toward Santa slowly, ready to end his unnaturally long life with one stomp of the hooves.

“Two thousand years you’ve forced me to fly,” Blitzen said as he raised his hoof in the air.

Santa was too scared to speak. He knew death was here. Blitzen paused and looked over at Dasher. He’d always liked Dasher. The reindeer had a soft heart.

“Look away, brother,” Blitzen said.

Tears streamed from Dasher’s eyes as he nodded and looked away. But he couldn’t cover his ears, and he’d never forget Santa’s final scream.



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