GUEST BLOG: Steve Beaulieu

J.R. Handley Blog

Hey Space Cadets, today I get the privilege of bringing you a topic I’m interested in, co-writing.  One of my blogosphere friends, Steve Beaulieu, is a part of a dynamic writing team, and he’s going to share with you his process.  But today isn’t about my ramblings so let’s get right to it!


So you’ve got this killer idea for a story. You’ve outlined it…twice. Now you are sitting down to write it. The first several chapters flow like milk and honey from the promised land. It’s as if God himself was pouring words through your pen (fingers on keyboard) onto paper (hopefully something more like pages or word). Then the unthinkable happens. You get stuck. Nothing will come to you. Every thought you have, if you have any at all, are among the stupidest ideas a writer could have. They are clichés and predictable – you don’t…

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