Old Project, New Vigor

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I think the number one question we get is “how does it work to co-author a book?”

That’s a funny question, because it’s happened so naturally for us that it’s something we barely think about anymore. But here’s a great example of the benefits of working with a partner.

Several years ago, Aaron wrote a book. It was good. It was complete. It just wasn’t released. It needed some editing and some refining and that’s where I came in.

Terraforeman, originally called The Masterpiece is a story about a crew of terraformers. For those who don’t know, these aren’t cars or trucks that turn into robots…that’s a transformer—although there is a pretty sweet mechanical suit in this story. A terraformer is someone who takes a dead husk of a planet and gives it a makeover. The planet becomes hospitable and living conditions are established.

There’s nothing better than a story like this to describe one of the processes we use to write books. I was given a story with great potential (a dead, husk of a planet if you will) and it is my job to give it new life and create something that is useable out of it. Turning someone else’s dream into a reality is a beautiful thing.


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