Dig Up The Past

If you ever find yourself discouraged…dig up the past. No, serious. Do it. Maybe even right now. Go find something you wrote a long time ago and read it. Actually read it. It’ll be a life-changing experience.

There’s no way you could be a consistent writer and not grow in your craft. So your old stuff will feel that way…old.

I am in the middle of moving houses, which means discovering things you believed were long-gone. For me, today, that meant an old manuscript. I found the first 10k words of a Fantasy novel I wrote back in the early 2000s. What was it called, you ask? I can do better than that. I can show you the awful, cheesy, terrible book cover with my ridiculous pen name and all.

book cover.jpgThere it is, in all its awful glory. Notice the ship…how is it sailing? I have no idea, its sails are furled. What are those awful effects on the words?? What was I thinking? I think it was supposed to say “Book One of the First Chronicles of Tinsdar” —didn’t even get the title right.

Aaron asked me if it had potential if we worked on it. My response was “The writing is okay, but the story is visionless.” The truth is, the technical aspect of the writing was mediocre and there may have even been some good ideas, but its highest value is showing me how far I’ve come in those years.

Because I know there are some who are wanting it…here’s a sample.

The boy glared through the stalagmites, horrified of being seen, yet his legs would carry him no further.  As if frozen, his body refused to give in to his mind’s urges to carry on.  Sweat drenched his brow and filled his eyes, he shook violently, trying with all his might not to be discovered.  The fear grew to a boil as he watched the three men converse.


“Then what of the women?” said one who was dressed in the finest silk of light blue.  “And of the children?  Will we just let them die?  Rethink your methods of persuasion your Excellency, I beg of you.”  His eyes showed sincere concern.


Another stalked around the room. Clearly, he was the leader of these men.  His eyes burned with the red-hot hate of a thousand centuries.  The scars upon his hands, and the lines that graced his face were the only signs that he had been around since the dawn of the sixth sun.  The other two trembled as Schylius paraded himself around the room, gliding, as he had no need to walk.  Risen feet above the ground, he continued his threatening stare, penetrating deep into the souls of his followers.

Its just meh!

Do yourself a favor.. DIG UP YOUR PAST and learn from it!


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