FREE Today- Nick Cole’s The Walking Dead Meets the Notebook

51kykUv9AXL.jpgIsn’t that the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard as a book description? Yeah, me too. But over the time I’ve known Nick Cole, I’ve realized that if there’s any way to describe him, it would be weird (or maybe Wyrd). I met Nick Cole on a fluke. I picked up one of his books (Soda Pop Soldier, possibly a favorite of all time) and sent him a message praising it. He responded with a tremendous amount of grace and we’ve been in a growing friendship ever since.

I can’t recommend an author any higher than I recommend Nick. Don’t believe me? Here’s your chance to find out. The End of the World As We Knew It is completely FREE today. No risk, no hoax. Just a free ebook.



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