How to get FREE Audio Books!

I absolutely love to read. Like, I love it. I have read nearly 30 books already since the beginning of the year. That’s almost a book a day.

That’s pretty much impossible for someone like me who works full-time has a wife and a two year old—not to mention I am an author and we have a novel being released next month (Brother Dust: The Resurgence). So how?

Audio Books!

Some of you just checked out of the conversation because audiobooks are super-dang expensive. Right?  When have you last looked on Audible? Some of those jokers are like $25! For a book!

So, I am a pastor and an indie author which means I’m not banking. So clearly, I’m not spending $20-25 for books 30 times a month.

I’m not selling anything other than the joy of reading. I have found gold and I wanna share it. If you’ve never heard of Overdrive, you’re missing out on something huge.

Overdrive works with your library to not only give you free access to all of your local library systems ebooks but also DVDs and Audiobooks…FREE.

Next argument. It’s gonna use all my data. That’s the best part!  It doesn’t stream. It downloads to your phone for 14 days and then it gets deleted. Just hop on wifi and download a book and that’s it. 14 days of listening pleasure.

If you’ve never listened to an audiobook, some of them are amazing. Everything read by Marc Thompson is amazing. He acts out the whole Star Wars cast and does it amazingly. Every voice. And it’s all free.

I don’t work for Overdrive. I just love what it has done for my book life.

Click on the big O to get the app.

I hope this helps you as much as it’s helped me!


3 thoughts on “How to get FREE Audio Books!

    1. I use spotify for music, since it’s only $9.99 a month and has access to everything at the click of a button. But for Audiobooks, which I will likely only listen to one time, Overdrive does the trick. Glad I could help steer someone!

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