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Have you ever seen those shiny spaceships on the silver screen with immaculately white corridor floors and walls and wondered how they’re kept so clean and scuff-free? I never did either, not till after reading Sparkle Ship Shine.

This odd short story is part sci-fi, part horror, part comedy. If you think you have a lousy job, be thankful you don’t work for Sparkle Ship Shine and have to wipe up galactic messes. The layered storytelling touches on the angst that can only be felt by minimum wage employees.

And I see the emergence of a new sci-fi genre that will take the world by storm: janitorial sci-fi. You heard it here first.

Buy this story for cheap and read for yourself why your job might not be so terrible. You’ll be entertained. And a little grossed out. – AK Meek


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