Some Things Don’t Mix

oilwatermhedit2.jpgOil and water.

Toothpaste and Orange Juice.

Laughter and funerals (although as a Pastor, I love to see this. It’s healthy).

Beer and…handguns, firecrackers, driving, and anything that isn’t a salty snack.

Some things just don’t mix well.
One thing that I am finding more and more is that your political and religious opinion doesn’t mix well with anything else in life. You’ve heard the old adage “talk about anything but religion and politics”. Well, as a believer I find that this is counterintuitive to life. Why? because those are two things that matter more than anything else in this life. Of course people will be passionate about them and of course, the enemy of our souls doesn’t want us talking about them.

Someone, right now is asking whether Steve meant to be posting this on his author page instead of his bible blog…the answer is yes. When you are passionate about something it comes out in every area of your life.

I recently read a blog from another author that asked if religion and spirituality belonged in science fiction. He didn’t really conclude with a real answer. To me, the answer is a resounding “ABSOLUTELY!”. There are two things that every people group in history have shared–government and religion.

It doesn’t matter how remote the tribe or how uneducated (or educated) the people are, they realize that they need someone to govern—otherwise there’d be chaos. They also have chosen to worship something or someone. Here’s the kicker—as a Christian, I believe the reasoning behind this is simple: the creator of our soul, body and spirit designed us to be worshipers. We all worship something, even if its ourselves or our pleasures.

What does this have to do with writing? I’m glad you asked…If we only gear our reading to like-minded people, we will only hear one side of the story.

If you haven’t seen this article, it could be enlightening:

The biggest problem these days is that people are no longer allowed to have opinions. I used to hear “Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one but some stink more than others.” Crude, but true. Nowadays, the idea of having an opinion that contradicts the vocal-voice of our nation (whether the majority or minority, it doesn’t matter—they’re the only ones screaming “injustice!”) means you’re wrong. It’s not your opinion, its racism, fascism, and hate speech.

He was downcast from the big publisher world because his story contained a (brilliant) reason why androids took over the world and killed everyone:

Meanwhile, we have fantastic, wonderful people who simply believe differently than we do who we’ve decided we can’t associate with.

Before this whole mess, I used to say “Sports and Christianity don’t mix”.


I live in Texas. I’ve learned that if you put an Aggie in the same room as a Horns fan—even if they have everything else in common, they will be so fundamentally contrary to one another they’ll have trouble getting along.

We need to stop making decisions based on our (way too strong) opinions. As a Christian, I have no problem being friends with muslims, homosexuals, or any other people group that I’ve been told I’m supposed to hate. 

Isn’t it time we move on?


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