The Truth of Colonization: What Would It Really Look Like?


My brain is on overload from all the news floating around regarding Trappist-1.

From Jason Anspach’s hilarious Trappist-1 in T-Minus 60 to this podcast with Nick Cole and not to mention every actual new source out there—there are a ton of thoughts and opinion.

If you are living under a rock, or find yourself too preoccupied with the still hindering “Not My President” nonsense, Trappist-1 is a miniature version of our Solar System recently discovered. It’s 39 light years away from earth…which in layman’s terms means if traveling at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) it would take us 39 years to get there.

In even greater layman’s terms: All things, including spaceships, are considered matter and matter is just another form of energy (as is light). Light can’t go faster than light, neither can matter. As physics and my understanding of it stands, we can not go faster than light.

In even greater, greater layman’s terms: We can’t colonize any planets in Trappist-1 no matter how earth-like they may be.

Regardless, one of the greatest ambitions I believe man can have is to discover the ridiculously vast universe our God has created for us. Which if you are at all uncertain of its vastness this might help:

Here’s the problem:

Could you truly imagine if people in our current cultural climate tried to colonize a planet?

First and foremost, the whole thing would be based upon frivolous things like “tolerance”. That means that we wouldn’t get the best possible people for the job, we would get things like we saw during this election. Hillary Clinton’s potential cabinet included: EPA: likely an African-American. Not the best person for the job, but some black person to fill it. I’m not saying there couldn’t be a highly qualified black person. But she clearly realized her cabinet lacked diversity and since diversity is the god of our age…there you have it.

Nick Cole, in the above podcast, sited the latest trailer for the new Alien movie that highlights a homosexual couple. This is a movie about colonizing a planet. I’m not even getting political with this: the whole point of colonizing a planet is to procreate as much as humanly possible. We need numbers. One of the number one questions on the “could you colonize this planet” form should be “Are you fertile?”

We live in a world where in order to be considered smart you need to almost swallow commonsense. I don’t believe that if we were to find a way to colonize another planet we should only have blonde hair, blue-eyed white people so please don’t misunderstand. I remind you, I’m a pastor who LOVES people. I love all people, not just Christian people. But what I would like is for someone to say “We need people of all races represented on this planet. Who is the best suited for each position?”

Hillary’s list implied that the best suited for all of the roles were someone other than a black person. That’s absurd! Some of the most intelligent people alive are black. (I’m sorry if I don’t say African-American since not all black people are from Africa).

Alien: Covenant’s scriptwriters were so concerned with political correctness and progressive thoughts that they failed to realize that a homosexual couple wouldn’t be able to do the most important task for the project. And before you get too carried away and blow this comment out of proportion, if homosexuality is supposed to be a trait someone is born with, there would eventually be gay people born. So, no…I’m not just trying to find a way to get rid of gays!

I’d love to see us colonize a planet but I would hate to see it if America was the country in charge of that colonization.

I hope to conclude with a point we can all agree on: When considering the BEST way to do any job, playing the race/religion/gender card isn’t helpful at all.

If you have any thoughts, please comment below. Let’s talk about it. Talking is how we grow!


6 thoughts on “The Truth of Colonization: What Would It Really Look Like?

  1. We could get there, what is 1,450,800 years among friends? And while I get your point about colonization, if we get to that point we’ll be able to use invetro procedures. Meaning, you could pair equal numbers of homosexual couples and still get babies. Yes, we’d want to be smart about it but it isn’t the end of the world.


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