The CW Agenda

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I’ve put off writing this for a long time but a recent conversation with a fellow author has led me to believe that now is the time.

FIRST HEAR THIS: I LOVE PEOPLE OF ALL KINDS. I am called by a loving God to love people.

I recently read the 100 series by Kass Morgan. I’ve watched the show, I enjoy the show. I enjoy a lot of CW shows…but they are all the same and they all have only one goal: to push an agenda.

If I’m being brutally honest, I don’t understand what their stake in this game is, but it’s apparent even to those who aren’t necessarily on my side of the table.

What am I talking about?

Thanks for asking, LOL!

The first season of the 100 series tells a story about a group of pre-teens who are among the world’s only survivors. Having been aboard a space station during a nuclear fallout, they created a society in space. The time has come to see if our homeworld is again habitable. So, they send the underage prisoners, who are all likely to be “floated” when they turn 18 anyway, to earth to check for livability.

The story is brilliant. It follows a young girl named Clarke, which totally made me love the name Clarke for a girl, btw. She shows a love interest in a guy named Bellamy. And then a guy named Finn.

Then it gets weird.

Season two hits and suddenly Clarke is in love with some chick and then another chick and  she no longer has interest in guys.

You might remember this same thing happening in Arrow (or any other CW show). Sarah was heavy into Oliver and then suddenly Thalia!

The Agenda isn’t just that everyone on earth is bi-sexual, it’s that they follow their feelings. They follow love. They follow their heart.

I want to pose the question: When has following your heart ever really helped you? Feelings are fleeting. Emotions are confusing.


If we are to believe that Bible (which I do)—the book that we’ve previously established as the bestselling book of all time by an extreme margin. The Bible has sold 5 Billion copies while the second highest in sales: Don Quixote comes in at a relatively low 500 million.

I only say this to prove a point: even if you don’t believe the book is inspired by God, treat it as you would another bestseller full of wisdom and great lines.

The Bible says in Jeremiah chapter 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?

When we follow our emotions and our heart we end up married to someone we don’t actually love, but are just infatuated with. Infatuation fades with time. Beauty eventually gives way to wrinkles and exposed gums. But when we make calculated decisions…when we make a choice we end up steadfast and resolute.

If we listen to people like the CW we would begin to believe that everyone just loves the one they’re with. The best estimate I could find anywhere (on the internet…and that’s always true, right?) is that only 4% of Americans identify as gay or bi-sexual. If you read gallop polls, you will be deceived because their estimates are somewhere around 20-40%. They determine this simply by asking the general population what the THINK. “How many people do you believe are gay?” — Oh, 43%? That must be the answer.

What is my point?

I just don’t understand why we are supposed to believe that, in a nation where only 4% of people are attracted to the same sex, every single story told on CW, etc. has a gay couple in it… or worse the wildly rare sexual pendulum who just changes their mind depending on the direction of the blowing wind.

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it: I don’t dislike gay people. I don’t hate them. I love them like I would any other person in the world, because they are in fact: Just like every other person in the world.

The issue I have is this: If I am expected to stifle my “right wing, radical Christian” agenda, then please do us the favor of treating us like human beings who aren’t so easily deceived into believing your way of expressing love is Normal. Pendulum sexuality is not so common that every group of 5 individuals presented on any show experiences is.


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