The Story Behind Our First Release

What an amazing day. Aaron C. Hall and I released our debut novel and it did far above and beyond anything we could have imagined it would. I know that no one asked for this long post you’re about to receive but here it is anyway.

In August of 2016 Aaron and I decided to start writing a novel called Brother Dust based on a comic book I wrote that Bret Duley and Jack Aaron Fleming began amazing art for. In only a couple of months we had written a 140k word novel. After months of editing we ended with a 115k masterpiece. I say that humbly, but I couldn’t be more proud of it.

But the truth is, Jesus is 100% responsible for every last thing that happened from that point forward.

In September and October last year, I was searching for a book called Ready Player One at half price books. They never had a copy. But each time I visited, once a week or so, one book in particular virtually leaped off the shelf at me. It was a pink and purple cover, which I have learned are colors that draw my attention. It was called Soda Pop Soldier and it was written by someone I’d, at that point, never heard of. It was brilliant. Absolutely amazing. I read it faster than I’d ever read anything in my life. I couldn’t put it down.

When I’d finished it, I looked at the back cover and next to the author’s face and name was Nick Cole‘s Facebook address. I wasted no time. I wanted nothing more than to tell him that his book singlehandedly changed my life.

He responded almost immediately and I soon learned that he is a Jesus loving, no shame at all, bonafide believer in Christ. He was also one of the kindest, most helpful people I’d ever talked to. He gave me advice regarding the book, self-publishing, editing—every question I asked he answered. He prayed for and with me several times throughout the last year. He has encouraged me when the task of co-writing and editing and reading and rereading became so frustrating I wanted to scream.

He opened the door for me to meet some amazing authors and several of them have selflessly given of themselves time and time again. Many of them Christians, but not all—all incredible people. Each one of them equally amazing.

Nick Cole, Jason Anspach,  Michael BunkerKevin G. SummersMatt HerronA.K. Meek, Martin T. Ingham are all featured in an upcoming anthology with us. I had a dream and they put feet on it. Each of them blessed and led me along the way. They knew the way on the path and I just had to follow their footsteps.

Through my relationship with one of them—another amazing believer, ridiculously talented author (‘Til Death, one of the only flawless books I’ve ever read) Jason Anspach introduced me to several more incredible guys: Rhett Bruno, who I’ve spent more time talking to over the past couple weeks than I care to admit to, as well as Jason and Chris Pourteau co-run something called the Sci-fi Bridge.

SFB is a group of 70 science fiction authors, all of which far more seasoned than Aaron and I, joined forces to reach more people with their gifts and art.

Rhett bent over backward to put Hall and Beaulieu at the front of a very long list of amazing, bestselling authors simple because he wanted to see our book release dynamically—and it did!

We broke into the top 2,000 out of millions of books on our very first day releasing our very first book. Brother Dust soared into the top ten of our main category and top 30 of two more. We did something I would have believed impossible.

Did we make huge money? Nah, each book retails for .99c. We see a fraction of that and it’s split between two of us. But is it about the money?? No way!

At the end of day one over 200 people, most of which we don’t know, own a copy of the book we bled over. I read and edited that thing at least 7-8 times.

Jesus gets the credit. It all started at a half price books where the Holy Spirit wouldn’t stop highlighting one singular book.

From there everyone above took over. I know there are several others who have played a role. I apologize if your name wasn’t in here or I didn’t talk deeply about how much you’ve inspired and guided me. (Bunker…that’s probably you if you’re still reading).

Thank you to everyone who bought BDTR. If you haven’t yet, here’s a link to the preview and purchase. It will only be $0.99 a bit longer, so don’t wait!


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