Brother Dust Sells 1 Millionth Copy!

We couldn’t be more excited and we couldn’t thank you more! Your purchase was one of a million that catapulted us onto every bestsellers list there is within two weeks of launching our debut novel. Amazing! Thank you a “million” times!

We were recently interviewed by Stephen King, legendary author and trauma survivor. It in was incredible. We went to his home in Maine where we were welcomed with all kinds of fanfare. He said he hadn’t seen such amazing overnight success in all his years in the industry.

The interview will be released in the New York Times, Time Magazine, Food Magazine and Toys R’ Us Christmas Catalogue. We seriously can’t wait!

Just kidding! April fools!

The truth is, we’ve STILL sold more copies this past two weeks than either of us anticipated selling all year. Who knew a couple of nobodies would sell almost two hundred books on launch weekend alone! Thank you, honestly this time.

If you still haven’t purchased Brother Dust: The Resurgence you can right here.


4 thoughts on “Brother Dust Sells 1 Millionth Copy!

  1. I’ll give this one a Lol for sure! I had to think twice reading the second sentence and then it just got more funny and outlandish as you went on. The Toys ‘R’ Us Christmas catalog, hahahaha! Happy April Fools day 🙂


  2. You got me good!

    Had me believing you!

    Wish I had read it 40 minutes ago because now it’s April 2nd!

    Still… Thanks. I needed that!

    😂 😊 😆 ☺☺☺☺☺☺


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