Book Deals Going On!

We want to start a new thing! Each week we will post a list of book deals from those we know  who are worth reading. We hope you find some awesome books through this program.


Pennsylvania Book One – FREE
Michael Bunker—the father of Amish Sci-Fi.
The first one is a fellow author who participated in our upcoming In Your Closet and In Your Head: A Monster Anthology coming out Friday.

getitfree-orange.pngOr you can buy the whole series here.


The Red King (Wyrd Book 1) – FREE
Nick Cole—Bestselling author of The Old Man and the Wasteland.
Also participating in the Monster Anthology, Nick Cole weaves an awesome post-apocalyptic tale.



The Circuit: All Three Books – .99 each
Rhett C. Bruno
A good friend of ours. Three books that haven’t had the exposure they deserve.


That’s all for now! If you haven’t bought Brother Dust: The Resurgence, we think you are missing out! If you bought it, read it! If you read it, review it!


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