In Your Closet and In Your Head: A Monster Anthology

At the start of this year I set out to do something I’d never done before: compile a group of authors and team up to create a meaningful collection of stories.

The first thing I did was pray and ask God how to do it, because I have no idea how to do anything. We had no idea how to properly write a book, although we’d both had plenty of practice. God showed us…step by step, using new friends to guide us. Many of those new friends are featured in this 216 page book.

I gave them a simple directive: write from your heart…what is a monster to you? Was it the literal translation like Aaron and I wrote in Good Old Fashioned Murder? or was it more spiritual like Kevin G. Summers wrote in Precious in Thy Sight?

I can promise this, even I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. These are tremendous stories.

Read it free with Kindle Unlimited or Buy it here or by clicking the picture below!



2 thoughts on “In Your Closet and In Your Head: A Monster Anthology

  1. Hi, guys! I still can’t get the desktop to work so I rewrote my review, by hand. I was going to start typing it On this, the tablet, and Harley just reminded me I have an old out-dated lap top. He’s gone to get it. I’ll have my review posted soon as I get it typed and spell checked. I’d have done it earlier today but we weren’t home until almost dark.

    I do want to say I think the original version was better but I can’t get to it unless someone figures out how to get the desktop on, and I didn’t want to wait.

    Love ALL y’all. Excellent anthology! Please tell the guys whose e-mail I don’t have. Thank you for allowing me the honor of ARC reading it. Truly.

    Peace be with you all, Reba ♫♪


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