About The Authors

Aaron Hall & Steve Beaulieu met at church and decided to team up when they realized that one had the strengths to compliment the other’s weaknesses. You might say they complete each other! Please don’t say that.

We are humbled that you’ve decided to take time out of your busy day to read a bit about us. We love writing and we love Science Fiction. Really…we love anything that tells a good story. We are both huge movie buffs as well as complete nerds. Everything ranging from Aaron’s Steam account boasting over 700 games to Steve’s thousands of comic books, we just can’t get enough of everything you do while living in your mother’s basement. Unfortunate for both of us, Texas doesn’t have basements and neither of us live with mom.

aaron bio
Aaron Hall was born in 1981 in Fort Worth, Texas.  He has spent a majority of his life writing, finding a love of creating fiction at an early age.  After spending a decade as

community journalist, Aaron now works in communications for his hometown municipal government.  He loves spending time with family and friends, watching TV and movies, and above all else, his savior and lord, Jesus Christ.




Steve Bea13620307_10205542461915996_5830597648411491075_nulieu was born in 1984 in East Hartford, CT. Having spent most of his life in Palm Beach County, Florida, he and his wife moved to Fort Worth, TX in 2012. He works as a Pastor and Graphic Artist and loves comic books, fantasy and science fiction novels.

He married the love of his life in 2005 and he fathered his first child in 2014, Oliver Paul Beaulieu. His namesake, two of Steve’s favorite fictional characters, OliverTwist and The Green Arrow, Oliver Queen. He is expecting his second child and secretly hopes she is a day late so she can share a birthday with Harry Potter.
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From the Authors

Steve Beaulieu

“I’ll tell you a bit about myself, although it’s more likely my writing that interests you far more than the person behind them.”

“There are many things I love, few things I hate. I hate frogs. I hate bell peppers. I hate hot weather.”

“I rarely dream, but when I do they are crazy dreams.”

“My favorite authors, apart from God, the writer of the greatest book ever written, are in no particular order: JK Rowling, R.A. Salvatore, Orson Scott Card, Francis Chan.”

Aaron Hall

“My favorite movie is a tie between Inception and Rocky 4.  My favorite TV series is Everwood.”
“Things that I hate include vegetables, when someone says they’re going to pick me up at a certain time and then they’re way late to pick me up, and Cameron Diaz movies.”

“I sort of wish that I could believe in Bigfoot but it’s really difficult for me to believe in Bigfoot.”

“Some of my favorite authors are:  Robert A. Heinlen, John Marco, and Martin T. Ingham.”