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Dastropan was a lush, vibrant world, its native species of insectoids living peacefully underground. That was before the Solovot Empire arrived. They promised prosperity while secretly drilling to the very core of the world, looking to release the energy that lies within. Brother Dust had spent too long watching as lives were crushed under the heavy boot of the Empire. For years he has waged a one man war against their leader, High Father Sid’el, and the body count was steadily rising. Is Brother Dust the world’s savior, or its destroyer?  Are the freedom fighters known only as the Resurgence his ally, or just the same old enemy going by a new name?

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Inside the Creation:
Brother Dust started with a grand vision, but on a different platform. The original intent was for it to be published as an ongoing comic book series. After months of brainstorming and scriptwriting the artwork began to come together. Soon after, Brother Dust took on a mind of its own.
Steve Beaulieu and Aaron Hall met at church.
“We quickly hit it off. After discovering our mutual love for writing and sci-fi books we thought it would be a pretty organic step to co-writing a book. I (Steve) approached Aaron and said ‘hey let’s write a book together,’ and he quickly replied, ‘sure, about what?” That was where my thought process had ended. I didn’t have a clue what we should write about, I just knew that I wanted to write with him.
The next day I thought, Brother Dust would make a really awesome book series. It’s so much deeper than just comics. So, I called Aaron and pitched him the idea of reading the script to the first chapter. Within hours we were discussing a book outline.
From that point until now is history. It was the easiest thing we’ve done in our careers to give this book life, because it already had a life of its own.


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Pencils: Bret Duley • Inks: Jack Fleming • Colors: Steve Beaulieu